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Food Store Multi-purpose theme for Restaurant, Ecommerce, Hotel, General

Food Store Multi-purpose theme for Restaurant, Ecommerce, Hotel, General



Project Description

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Our Cafe and Restaurant theme is responsive and looks good on all types of devices
About us area for history of the set up as well as team members and founders
Gallery area to display food and delicacies available for offering as well as to show the ambience and restaurant/cafe

Menu area to showcase your menu with categorization
Social media integrated
Prices listed clearly and specials area on home page
Blog area for promotions
Home page slider with slider effects and transitions manageable for visually attractive website
Coded with HTML5 & CSS3
Cafe and Restaurant bring along a nice flavour, as well as food for their customers. Mostly people visit cafe and or

restaurants not just to eat the best food available but to enjoy some time.

There are also people who visit cafe to relax and read some books.

While others look at it as a dating spot.

Often people also visit it to discuss some businesses as well. Hence the same professional look and feel as well as the

same authentic food that the cafe and restaurant offers should be reflected on your website as well.

Hence we created this cafe and restaurant theme which is ideal for both cafe as well as restaurant owners to nicely

display their cuisine along with rates. And also display the other items, specials as well as the culture that the cafe or

restaurant follows.

About us section can talk about its owners as well as the time since the cafe or restaurant is serving their customers.

The need for a well designed website is always there for a cafe and restaurant. With more and more increase in online

businesses whereby people can even book a table or order food for takeaway or home delivery is on an increase.
And to cater to these one should have a website which serves all of these purpose.

Online menu area to showcase the delicacies and the cuisines as well as display the specials which the restaurant offers.

Gallery area to showcase various kinds of foods on offers. Because if someone watches your food visually can definitely

connect to your restaurant for enjoying and relishing them.

Project Details

Date May 26, 2016
Categories Business, Ecommerce, Food, General, Hotel

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