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eComPOS ( eCommerce Point Of Sale )


1. Our Shopping Cart
Our Shopping Cart offers a complete e-Commerce solution that allows you to build and run your fully functional online store. You can
create your storefront; manage the products through categories and subcategories, accept payments through credit cards and ship the
ordered products to the customers. We have everything set up for you, so that you can only focus on building your own online store.

Store-Front Features:
• Customize store design as per branding
• Multi-level fly-out navigation menus
• Customizable product page
• Full text in-store keyword search
• Refine search with price and product attributes
• Manage product Variant Level Pricing and Inventory
• Multi scale Zoom-in Product images
• Customized information for products from user
• Cross Sale
• Up sale
• Recently Viewed items

2. Catalog Management
Catalog management and browsing allows users to find products by browsing the catalog hierarchy. Catalog browsing also assists users to
find products in large categories or search results by group category:

Catalog management and browsing Feature in Shopping Cart e-Commerce includes:
• Drill-down Category
• Unlimited Categories
• Unlimited Sub-Categories

3. Product Management
Shopping Cart comes with product management feature which helps to enhance your business. This feature assists you to present your items
in various ways or in other words you can customize how your products gets viewed and purchased. Product Management and browsing Feature
in Shopping Cart shopping cart includes.

• Products variant attributes (e.g. size, color).
• Dynamic pricing rules
• Stock management by items
• Downloadable items
• Digital items
• Tax rate per location., Tax Classes and Rules as specified by Store Admin
• New items from and to dates –to display in the Front End.
• Featured Items shown in front store
• Support unlimited product images
• WYSIWYG html editor for product description
• Different product listing pages- list view, grid view, compact list view, product grid view and list without options
Add items to more than one category at a time
• Reviews and star rating with user defined criteria
•  Per items tags and tags moderation
• Tax calculation
• Related/Cross-sell/up-sell product and accessories
• SKU and stock
• Product image zoom and light box to display image
• Email a friend Search Engine Optimization

Shopping Cart is search optimized so that pages get indexed by all search engines. SEO pulls more potential customers to your website
when customers are looking for funeral service via search engines. SEO features like ability to set separate Meta tags, Meta keywords and
Meta description by page, category and items comes integrated in the page structures

SEO in Shopping Cart includes:
• Advanced keyword search
• 100% Search engine friendly
• Drill down categories
• Search by merchants definable properties
• Product keyword field for misspell or similar words
• Fully Ajax base search UI
• Category and Item Meta Keyword fields

Order Management

Order Management feature in Shopping Cart e-Commerce solution allows you to view the orders made by the customers, create invoice/receipt
and shipment record for sales order.

Order Management Feature in Shopping Cart open source e-Commerce includes:
• View, create, edit and fulfill orders from the admin panel
• Create one or multiple invoices, shipment and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment
• View order history and order status
• Search order status
• Export invoice to excel/ CSV file
• Automatic E-mail notification gets sent to the store admin upon arrival of new orders

Shopping Cart allows various shipping options. With the use of Shopping Cart shipping method you can use the various shipping services
(DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.,). Free shipping discounts can also be created for order amounts, as a part of promotional offers.

Shipping Feature in Shopping Cart includes the following offerings:-
• Multiple shipping per order
• Flat rate shipping per item
• Free shipping

Analytical and Report Offering
Analytic is the key to knowing what is going on in your website. Most importantly, Shopping Cart comes integrated with Google Analytics.
Hence, it provides you the day-to-day performance of your store order status, most viewed items, etc

Analytic and Report feature in Shopping Cart e-Commerce includes:-
• Integrated with Google analytics
• Admin dash board for overall store report overview
• Total order revenue
• Top customer by order
• Mostly viewed items report
• Purchased items report
• Search terms report
• Total sales invoice
• Latest search

Checkout in Shopping Cart is quick, easy and it’s a complete checkout and payment service for e-Commerce retailers. Checkout by Shopping
Cart enables customers to use shipping addresses, payment information and checkout either as a guest or a registered user.

Checkout feature in shopping cart includes:-
• One-page Checkout
• SSL security report for orders and cart transaction
• Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
• Option to create account at beginning of checkout
• Checkout without account or as a guest ? Checkout with account to use

Site Management
Shopping Cart site management feature ensures the best performance of your store from managing the multiple store through single admin
panel to granting various roles to various users.

Site Management feature in Shopping Cart e-Commerce includes:-
• Administrative permission system role and user
• Customer roles
• Content management system for informational page
• Flexible tax rate management

Payment Methods
Shopping Cart Ecommerce solution comes integrated with a variety of major online payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, and
Authorize.Net just to name a few. Shopping Cart has the plug-in architecture for payment gateways as well. Customers can pay via check
/money order or any other available payment extensions as its easily integrated with Shopping Cart.

Payment methods features in Shopping Cart e-Commerce includes:-
• Integrated with multiple PayPal gateways
• Saved Credit Card method for offline payments
• Payment available via Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard etc.)

Customer Accounts
Accounts offer your customers the ability to track recent orders, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing
address, primary shipping address, shopping cart, wish list, recently ordered items, recent reviews and recent tags. Orders are editable
until the order gets processed

Customer Account Feature in Shopping Cart e-Commerce includes:-

  •  Order status and history
  •  Recently ordered items
  •  Downloadable Products
  •  Address Book with unlimited addresses
  •  Default Billing and Shipping addresses

Product Service for your customers
Shopping Cart comprises of the backend tools that increases customer satisfaction with the self-service. Customers can view order history
and order statuses in the site itself. They can add products to the wish list and compare the multiple product features.

Customer Service features in Shopping Cart includes:-
• Contact Us form
• Feature-rich Customer Accounts
• Order History with Status Updates
• Order Tracking from Account
• Forgotten Password Email from front end and administration panel
• Order and Account Update Emails ? Customizable Order Emails
• Edit Orders from the Admin Panel
• Edit orders via customer account
• Real live cart possibility
• ‘Email a friend’ feature
• Product Compare Feature
• Product Wish list
• Multiple billing and shipping addresses per customer

Web Based Control Panel
Shopping Cart comprises of web-based control panel that has a password protected administrative access. Moreover, you as an owner can
control the cart from any corner of the world using your own web browser.

Web-based Control Panel Feature in Shopping Cart shopping cart includes:-
• Password-protected administrative access
• All changes are real-time
• Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
• Unlimited number of admin accounts
• Support for restricted “shipping/fulfillment” admin accounts
• User-defined date/time format
• Ability for administrator to act on behalf of other users

Point of Sale

  • Point Of Sale works on any Device
  • Process CREDIT / Debit Cards & over 45 Banks
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Email Receipts
  • Discount & Coupons
  • Custom Products
  • Order Notes
  • Shipping
  • Multiple Cashier
  • Customer Details
  • Barcode Support
  • Variable Products
  • Phone Orders
  • Taxes
  • Collect Online Payments Seamlessly
  • Get activated instantly and start collecting payments
  • Fastest Settlement
  • No need to open a new bank account. Collect payment in your bank.
  • Mobile Integration simplified with our developer friendly Android/iOS SDK
  • Let your customers pay through the fastest way.
  • Risk Management
  • Our security algorithms are working 24/7 to stop payment frauds.
  • Accept Anywhere
  • Multiple Devices
  • Use your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device to process sales and view reports.
    Multiple Locations
  • Manage 1 or more locations in the same system and easily transfer inventory between them. You can run reports across locations to see which products are selling the best.
  • Link any Bank Account
  • Settling your payments have never been this easy. Link any of your existing bank accounts and receive payments online in your preferred bank.
  • Support for International payments with VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and over 45 Banks.
  • Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 3-day rolling basis.

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